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Epson F2000 maintenance - 20L pretreatment fluid

Epson F2000 maintenance - 20L pretreatment fluid


Applied to colour garments before printing white ink,
Must be diluted before use.

Epson Pre-Treatment liquid is supplied in a 20L box. It is shipped in concentrate format that should be diluted with distilled water at 1-2:1 before application.

IMPORTANT: Never mix pre-treatment liquid with ink waste even when disposing. After treating garments with this liquid they must be fully dried (naturally or in a heat press), piling & lint removed (a standard lint removal tool & pair of tweezers can been used), and then flattened (a tool for this is provided with your machine) before printing. If this process is not followed it may result in damage to the printer, invalidation of warranty &/or the terms of a Service pack.